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Initially Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi requests support from the Netherlands

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The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Bert Koenders, with whom he talked about the improvements in Kosovo and the locale and also chances to further extend participation

Danger coming back from from extremism, Sewall: Thanking Albania, for organizing regional summit

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Sarah Sewall, Deputy Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights, declared in an interview for Albanian Journalists concerning the importance that has going against terrorism and extremism. She additionally gave the views of America concerning the risks that come back from those that have joined ISIS


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After Crimea it is the Moldova’s turn? It apparently looks like the domino effect, the phenomenon that the analysts were most afraid for. At the same day when the local leaders of Crimea and the president Putin agreed about making the Black sea peninsula part of Russian Federation, there


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The world eyes are turned from Kiev after the recently sensational developments in Ukraine, especially in the region of Crimea. There lots of persons who think that we will soon see the beginning of the war between these 2 countries. Those are not just some assumptions, the signs are


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The regime enemies children, in a country as North Korea, where misses the food, are only some others that need to eat. After their parents conduction, for different reasons, even ridiculous, some of the children are given as food for dogs, which are more valuated than a human being


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Albania is going to change the Penal Code, considering the Albanian commitment to fight in Syria or other similar conflicts as a penal crime. This group of deputies is finishing the project-law. They propose the adoption of certain provisions that penalize Albanian citizens, which, without having a citizen or


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Six from 10 youths are unemployed, even though there do exist hopes! The unemployment rate in Greece marked a new negative record. According to published data in November, this rate is around 28%. In October it was 27.7%. For under 25 years old youth, unemployment rate reached 61.4% of

The contours of the new cabinet of Angela Merkel?

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SPD sought from their bases to comment on whether he wants to join the Social Democrats in a grand coalition. The base is massively: 333 500 474 800 members of the party gave their vote to about 70 percent of the membership. If the decision is positive, the latest in

Where is the “Heavenly Serbia”?

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What is the problem with this revitalization mythological figures? Of course, no one argues that history should give up his research from this period, so vitally important for the entire further history of the Serbian people. But what it means not supposed to work is that his historical theory

“The truth about the Battle of Kosovo” and the deconstruction of the myth of the constituent

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Completely the same error appears when accessing Serbian historiography themes of Kosovo. First of all, the importance of the battle itself is relativized, putting it in context Vukašinovog and Uglješinog debacle of Marica, as well as pointing out that the Serbian country largely remained free for decades. Certain historians