This is the seventh year that now in Albania the reality show of Big Brother Albania has increased its fans all over the Albanian territories. The Top Channel Television still has all the copyrights for this program and its the only television that broadcasts Big Brother Albania. Top Channel still remains the only Televisions with the biggest views by Albanians and the only Television that has won many prices for its none political sides.

This is the seventh year now and the seventh edition that Big Brother is taken by Albanians as one of the most interesting shows ever. Year by year many competitive come to the pyramid were Top Channel studios are and fill the forms to become a part of the edition of Big Brother Albania. Started 7 years ago the public didn’t had much experience of this show but only with its first few days the raised of the views of this show increased so much and the fans started choosing their favorite character inside the house.

The Showbiz news papers proved this by interviewing many citizens of whom their favorite Big Brother character was and an unexpected number of fans answered and wanted to talk about this big event that Top Channel brought the opportunity for the Albanians something different and an experience that not much was known in the country.

People from all Albanians regions, ethnic ones from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Albanian Diaspora have been part of the show and so many new experiences were broadcasts 24/7 live by the digital platform.

This year the voices gossip or true we still don’t know but what is said is that during this competition as never before the show of Big Brother Albania will be so different that no one will except. So till then we have nothing more to say about it let’s wait and let’s enjoy together this big event on here live. Gazeta Shekulli will bring to all the Big Brother Albania lovers the opportunity to broadcasts the event right here 24/7 live. So watch it now live.