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PARENTING-STYLE-GAZETA-SHEKULLIIt is not easy to be a parent, especially when you have to discipline your children. Even the more loving parents happen to be nervous in some cases and giving their children a good punishment. The situation can be even more difficult when you are a lonely parent or when you have more than one or two children. There are no books that can learn you which are the steps you should take to educate and to discipline your children, but starting from the experience, here are 4 principal groups of parents:

1- Authority parents

Remember the Albanian film, “Gjoleka, the son of Abaz”. Those kinds of parents are very wild, demanders and they believe in their authority and the impact it will have in being a good person in future. According to them, the children must be kept under control and must respect the rules. If the rules are not respected they are ready to punish the children using even violence against them.The children who are educated in this manner are usually frightened, do not estimate themselves and cannot take challenges.

2- Liberal parents

Remember the Albanian Film, Mimoza Llastica. These kinds of parents do not put limits, growing a child who has got everything he wanted in his life. Those kinds of children are usually incapable to make choices and they do not respect the others. They are never been violated and in the future those types of parents will probably have problem with their children, the children who grew up without limits, see the world like without any meaning.

3- Democratic parents

These type of parents see their children as equal to them not for the experience or for being smart, but for the human values. The democratic parents do put rules and do discipline their children but they explain to them, why this rule does not have to be broken and why this one is meant to be like this. They do not punish their children without any reason but they do not accomplish them, without also, having a good reason for doing this.

4- Negligent parents

Remember the film “Lonely at home”. In the best cases those parents offer their children a place to stay and something to eat, but they are usually irresponsabile for offering the children social and emotional support. They are mostly concerned about their interests and their children are not in this list. Those kinds of children do not feel important for their parents.

Knowing the groups of parents and the consequence of their actions help us being better but it is understood that we have to be patient, to have more fantasy and to give them endless love.

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