Nuts And Hazelnuts Enlarge Your Life!

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health-benefits-of-nuts-gazeta-shekulliYou will be better to forget the multivitamins pills or health drinks. The secret to live more and healthier can be found on a nuts, hazelnuts or peanuts plate. The latest researchers showed that the persons who regularly consume nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts etc. live more than the persons who do not consume it. The persons who consume 7 times per week those fruits have 50% less probability to die, compared with the persons who do not consume them.

The food experts and the doctors tend to avoid the word “super-food”- they prefer to talk about healthier balanced diets. But nuts are around us, those are full of antioxidants which fight tumor (some molecules which help in treating body diseases which protect the cells by the damages) and which are charged with essential minerals as cuprum, zinc, magnesium (which help protecting the person by the memory loss and the prostate problems).

Nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are an extraordinary source of vitamins as E and B and they contain gross acids (which control the hormone levels of stress, as adrenaline) meanwhile the nuts are fat, they contain good fats, which can reduce the heart diseases risks and heart attack. Every nut has its advantages, some of them have lots of vitamins.

Sioned Quirke from British Dietic Organization, recommends that nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, need to be mixed and then consumed, so you can have more health profits. It is also important to consume bio nuts not the conserved ones because their values aren’t the same as the ones produced by nature.

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