Danger coming back from from extremism, Sewall: Thanking Albania, for organizing regional summit

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veliu-sarahSarah Sewall, Deputy Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights, declared in an interview for Albanian Journalists concerning the importance that has going against terrorism and extremism. She additionally gave the views of America concerning the risks that come back from those that have joined ISIS when they come back in their country of origin.

Mrs.Sewall answers to queries relating to anti-corruption and mentioned the June twenty first elections, particularly for problematic candidates.

Albanian Journalist Muhamed Veliu interviewed Mrs.Sewall.

TP Journalist: You’ve got arrived in Albania as a part of the summit against violent terrorism or extremism. however is that the federal government serving to Balkan country during this area?

Sarah Sewall: We have arrived here to let all Albanians know that we support Albania which at this moment it has a ruling role role by organizing this regional summit. This summit comes after America and the White House are so against the violent extremism and terrorism. Albania is organizing the primary regional summit that comes directly from the White House summit. We area happy with the initiative of Republic of Albania and its leading of this vital discussion on however these causes area unit treated from its roots, the encouraging factors of violent terrorism or extremism theory and the way we are able together to treat this threat of course along with the regional and world nations that supports the anti extremism violence.

TP Journalist: Seventy Albanians have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria . What danger do they cause after they come back and how will the Albanian government treat these folks after they come back home?

Main reason of the foreign fighters who have traveled to join the war by the side of the Islamic state or any country abroad has been a big problem for many countries. During our speech at the regional summit organization for the civil society which they play a very good role for opposing violent extremism and even have been finding out the main reasons after the researches they have done on individuals why would them want to turn into violent terrorists for specific terrorists groups such as the Islamic State or Al Qaeda.

These are unit areas within which all countries are providing totally different approaches and making an attempt to find out from one another concerning the most effective approach, keeping in mind the kinds of problems that face specific foreign fighters World Health Organization might come back to their countries.

All countries have different ares that offer different approaches and have to learn from one another their best approach and should keep strongly in mind all types of the issues that face all specific foreign fighters that have fought along Islamic state or what ever and who want return to their homes after they are done.

TP Journalist: What is your opinion, do they pose a big threat if t hey return into their homes?

One more time it all depends on the very first reason, why did t his fighters left et first and why are they returning now? It might be all different for each foreign fighter if they return, someone might have economic issues or compensation promises and others might be disappointed on what they were promised before they left or some others might be lured by the fanatic ideologies. But according to a big group of foreign fighters they are disapponited because the reality it was promised to them at first is away more different.

TP Journalist: Thank you very much for having this interview today with us!

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