Mineral Water, Which To Choose?

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mineral-waterWater is one of the most important elements that nature gave to us for our health. But what kind of water do we have to buy? The market proposes are a lot and it is usually difficult to make the difference between the information if you aren’t an expert.

So we invite you to read so we invite you to understand more about this issue. Be careful about the mineral water and its origin. The main change between the water types are also the dry reserve which is classified into these categories: strong mineral water 1500 mg/l, average mineral water more than 500 mg/l and less or equal with 1500 mg/l, oligomineral water more than 50 and less or equal to 500 mg/l  and the lesser mineral water little ore equal to 50 mg/l.

Another change comes from having or not having  bubbles which can be natural or gassed. But what is the dry reserve and why is it very important on selecting the water? We are talking about the dry side which remain in a litter of water.

Higher the dryness more mineralized is the container. So the persons who need more minerals, sportists, youth and the oldest persons need to eliminate the toxins and fight the problems of contained minerals. Another important thing you have to take into consideration when you choose the water is the place it is produced to. Reading what it is written there, you can find the place. Does the water held chemical substances?

Yes, you can find chemical substances which don’t have to pass the limit on its content. There are find some chemical substances which pass the limit.We can mention nitrits, nitrats and arsenic. According to the law it is only allowed 50mg/l nitrit and  has also 0.02 mg/l of  nitrate, while the arsenic container is a little bit more important. We also have to mention the fluorides which damage the teeth children.

Meanwhile, the natural or mineral water is better if it is served by glass in place of plastic cover and we have to remember that it will be good to use glass water. We can also find CO2 in those kinds of water, which are served by plastic bottles. Be careful by the ambalage triage.

It will be good to use the glass bottle than the plastic bottles. According to the studies, the plastic bottles can give CO2 spread in the water you drink after using it for a while. If you want to change the water quality, than drink it for a few times in a plastic bottle.

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