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spring-flowersSpring is the big season of the plants. It is the moment when you see lots of flowers and plants flourishing. It’s the time when you can enjoy their perfume and their beauty, but it is also the moment when we can plant new flowers which with their colors will make our garden look amazing. So lets find out what we need to learn about flowers.

When should we plant those?

Spring begins in March 21, but this doesn’t mean that you may plant all the types of flowers in this moment. May be it is true that spring has come in some cities of the country, but in other the winter is still there and doesn’t have any hurry to go away. Some flowers as, roses, may be plant in flower- vases initially and then, removed from there, but others, as nymphomania, need high temperatures to plant.

Which are the types of flowers you can plant on spring. The characteristics.

The three colors violets are resistant flowers and you can plant them on a vase or in your garden. If you choose to plant them in your garden, they will flourish until the summer comes. You can plant columbine, blood flower, agulitche etc, which are cold resistant. You can buy those plants as seems and put it on a vase or in your garden and after a few days they will grow up.

What type of flowers to plant on spring? How to proceed.

The spring beginning is also the moment when you will need to decide what kind of flowers you want to see and feel at your garden. The flowers which have seems, are easy to plant. You can initially put them on a vase and when the temperatures get higher, you can plant them on the garden and see them growing up and flourishing.It will be good to use a good piece of land, which need to be moistened till the young plant grows up. Meanwhile, during the day, you must let the vases in the garden, so the young plants get adapted with the ambient. If you like working with your garden, then you will plant vegetables and aromatic plants. At the later spring is the time to plant summer flowers as gladiolas, Madonna – lily etc. Those are types of plants which don’t bear low temperatures so you will have to find a place for them before the winter begins, otherwise you will need to plant them every year.

It will be good for you do find the moment and to add to your garden some Always- green plants like monarda etc. if you just plant those type of flowers at your garden and you won’t need to look after them.

You will find below 8 steps for having a good successful planting. There does exist two types of planting. The one made in spring and the other one made on summer.

  • Respect the time of planting. What does really happen is that the spring flowers are plant on autumn and the summer ones on winter.
  • Make a “comfortable” bed for them. It is necessary to prepare the piece of garden you will use for planting them.
  • Make a hole which has to be appropriate for the length of the plant.
  • Put some sand at the bottom of the hole.
  • Put the young plant.
  • You need to water it every day.

Immortal flowers.

What does not change about all the plants fans is the fact that everyone dreams about an immortal garden full of immortal plants. This is the case of planting always – green plants.

Galium – verum.

Is an amazing yellow flower which can grow up when it feels the contact with the land. All it needs is the sun light.

Lathyrus pratensis.

It is part of peas family. It is also yellow and it grow ups during summer.

Campanula latifolia.

It has a color near to violet and it is an amazing flower with green leafs.

Linaria vulgaris.

It is a very attractive flower which is distinguished for its yellow nuances. It has green leafs with gray nuances.

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