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moldovaAfter Crimea it is the Moldova’s turn? It apparently looks like the domino effect, the phenomenon that the analysts were most afraid for. At the same day when the local leaders of Crimea and the president Putin agreed about making the Black sea peninsula part of Russian Federation, there comes from Moldova, a request  from the Trans – Dniester region, which took the example of Crimea and asked for joining Russia, the eastern region of Moldova , near to Crimea, has the major part of its residents Russian speakers and it is internationally known as an autonomy region but with central govern from Moldova.

In 1991-1992, after the Soviet Collapse this region distracted from Moldova. The Moldova’s President declared on Tuesday that every decision of Moscow to accept the Trans- Dniester region request, will be a wrong movement. In 2006, in an unknown and unaccepted by the international community and Moldova, the region repeated the request for being independent.

It has been declared by Irina Kubanskikh for the news agency, Itar – Tass, that this region has addressed a request to Moscow, for studying the possibility to enlarge the legislation which includes Crimea in to Russian Federation.

The Vedomosti journal writes that the situation may get worse even in this part of Moldova, if this one decides to firm a collaboration agreement with EU, as the Moldova’s leaders intend to do.

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