The Star Which Is One Thousand Times Larger Then The Sun!

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star-sunAt the Centaur Stellar there is a yellow little star which cannot be seen by the eyes. But the view lies, and in reality, the light comes from 12 thousand years of light away from us, and it is a big star, which is thought to be one thousand bigger than the Sun. This survey is made by an International group of astronomers lead by Oliver Chesneau from Costa Azzurra Observator in France.

They studied for days and days this Star through the VLT telescope (Very Large Telescope), located in Chilean Andes. This star is called HR5171 A and it is one of the rarest hipper- giant stars, which are part of our galaxy.

According to the astronomers, this is a record star, included in the top ten list of the largest stars ever discovered. But HR 5171 A has other surprises, too. According to the “Astronomy and Astrophysics” articles, this star is in a very delicate phase of its existence. Powerful eruption will affect the light that comes from it. It is very important for the Astronomy science to survey what happens with this star.

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