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ukraine-crimeaThe world eyes are turned from Kiev after the recently sensational developments in Ukraine, especially in the region of Crimea. There lots of persons who think that we will soon see the beginning of the war between these 2 countries. Those are not just some assumptions, the signs are not missing. Armed persons raised Russian flags on government buildings declaring that “Crimea is Russia”.

Separatist groups of the two sides clashed into Semfaropol streets. It has been reported on Friday the receiving the two largest airports of the Peninsula. The situation is dangerous and here arises a logical question: Will be Crimea the future conflict of Europe?” Russia has been the absolute dominant force of Crimea for around 200 years, since 1783, but in 1954 it was given to Ukraine, which in those times was part of Soviet Union.

Lots of ethnic Russian thought that this was a big mistake. The residents of Crimea have always been skeptic about the Kiev government but, recently they have showed an open aggressiveness toward new Ukrainian authorities, which were considered illegal by the Crimea’s Russian. The Russian federation has not done something to stop this dangerous dynamic, but It seems like it is stimulating them to continue, doing some declarations as that what happened in Ukraine was a coup d’etat, or if they want, they can be reintegrate in Russia, if the residents want something like this. 

The situation in Crimea has the same signs of the protracted or frozen conflicts as known in Eastern Europe. In Transnistria, a separatist region of Moldova, in Nagorni-Karabak, pretended by Armenia and Azerbaijani, or Abkazi and Osetia, extracts from Georgia. Russia has always stimulated the separatists, offering them political, military and financial support. According to the experts, these actions just undermine the stability of its smallest neighbors, challenging their sovereignty and blocking internal reforms for being members of European Union.

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