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Instagram is a free application for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android which allows to apply some filters on your photos and then sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. It is a very divergent application and everybody likes it. This is the reason why we will tell you, how to use it. Instagram is not used in smartphones with Windows system.

Download Instagram Application from iTunes or from your App Store in your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or from Play store in your Android Smart phone.

  • You may find this application activating App Store and searching for “Istagram”. It can be downloaded for free.

Activate Instagram clicking the icon on your mobile screen.

instagram1Click the button “Sign up” or “Register” and write you email address, username, password and upload a photo, so you can create your account on Instagram.


  • You can also use your Facebook account to create a new account on Instagram, you just need to select your Username and your password.

You can choose to add your contacts and find your friends from your contact list, Facebook account, Twitter or just searching names or usernames.

  • You can add friends in every moment not only when you are creating your account. Click “Next” when you finish.

instagram3If you wish, you can choose to follow Instagram users clicking the button “Follow” near to their name.

  • Click “Done” to complete the process and to continue to your account.

instagram4You can watch your friends posts clicking the button “Feed” which looks like a house and it is on the left, below your screen.


  • To refresh your page click “Refresh” . you can find it on the top, in the right part of your screen.
  • You can click “Like”, the heart button or “Comment”, the cloud button, to share your opinion about the photo.

If you click “Popular” you can see the upload photos from other users which have the attention of Instagram Community.
This button is the one that looks like a star.

instagram6Clicking the “Share” button allows you to take photos or to choose a photo from your phone gallery. This button seems like a photograph device.

  • Click the photograph device icon to take a photo (To do this you need an iPhone or an Android ). You can activate or deactivate the flash as you need.

instagram7You can click the photo icon to choose a photo from your albums.

instagram8You can always click the video camera button to register a video.

You can add a filter as you wish.

  • Select the filter which most appropriate and also, you can change some other characteristics of your photo in the upper row and once you have finished, click “Next”.

instagram9You can write a comment for your photo or you can add your location.

instagram10Click one of the social networks to share the photo.

  • If you still have not done it, you have to write the username and the password to be connected with your social network.

instagram11Click “Done” to end up the process and post the photo.

  • Your photo will appear in your “Feed” and your followers “Feed”, too. It will be posted in other social networks, too.

Click “News” so you will be updated about the news on Instagram and what other users do.
instagram13If you click the last button on the left, below, you can see your photos and change your profile.


  • Follow persons who know if you want to increase your followers number or if you want a various “Feed”, you can follow also unknown persons.
  • You will have more followers if you take colorful and funny photos.
  • More artistic and unique photos more followers you have.
  • If you don’t want others to see your profile, you can make your account private.
  • Choose an easy username so everybody can remember it.
  • Use Instagram to express to others your life through photos.
  • Don’t take 80 photos per day so you will get more likes but give value to every photo, making it unforgettable.

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