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koreaaaThe regime enemies children, in a country as North Korea, where misses the food, are only some others that need to eat. After their parents conduction, for different reasons, even ridiculous, some of the children are given as food for dogs, which are more valuated than a human being life, or they just are buried alive. This is the tragic story that Ahn Myong-Chol, told us, after fleeing from her country, in 1994.

“ I remember that once upon a time, 5 children were given to 3 boisterous dogs, who ate three of them within a few minutes, while the other two children were severely injured, but had not yet dead, when they were buried by the wardens”- says the 45-years old for a documentary transmitted by “Agense France Presse”.  In a country where human being live doesn’t have any value, there were the dogs which gained a good reward for their good job, giving them their preferable food.

koreaa1This confession comes one week after a Conference in Geneva, unmasked incredible crimes that are occurring for long times in the most isolated country in the world, and recommended an international arrest for Kim Jong, the dictator of this country. There are more than 120000 prisoners and hundred and thousand of internees, in this country with a 24 million population.

Life in this country, even in freedom, is very difficult, they suffer for food, clothes and medicament’s, while the prisoners don’t eat. They are feed with insects, mice and whatever they can find. Many prisoners die by starvation and maltreatment. According to another evidence, children are forced to be spectators during the inhumane executions of prisoners in camps.

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