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XHIHADISTET-shqiptarAlbania is going to change the Penal Code, considering the Albanian commitment to fight in Syria or other similar conflicts as a penal crime. This group of deputies is finishing the project-law. They propose the adoption of certain provisions that penalize Albanian citizens, which, without having a citizen or without being residents in the country where the conflict exists, and without being part of regular military formations, take part in armed conflicts. It is proposed a condemnation with over than 10 years for the persons who take part in this wars.

Albanian citizen who don’t have the citizen of one of the inter-fight parts in armed conflicts outside of Albanian territory, will be sentenced! This is the main content of propose which also, is approved by the International Security Partners. According to the current news, the reported facts about Albanian citizens who died or are still fighting in Syria, have the authorities and law-makers attention, who think that it is necessary to change the Penal Code related with this law.

The difference between Kosovo’s law-makers, who have approved a new law with 5 articles, which sanctions avoiding Kosovo’s citizen to take part in conflicts outside Kosovo’s territory, is that Albanian law-makers have thought to propose the addition of some provisions on the Penal Code of the Republic of Albania.

This phenomenon is been treated from International Law since the Second World War has finished, in 1949 in 4 Geneva’s Convents. Meanwhile, the UKO Convent, New York, 1990, against the mercenary recruits, use, financing and training has established new standards in modern mercenary definition and evaluative criteria for subjects which will be considered as mercenary in inside conflicts and not only.

Despite of this, Albania has 24 years that still didn’t assign this Convent. In this way, Albania is being attentive about the persons who take part in this conflicts, exposing in this way our country against difficult events and risks , Internationally. There are proposed penalties for the persons, organizations or religion and social ideologies, which attract these persons using financial seduction.

This project is been consulted with professors, famous experts of Penal Right in our country, Albanian institution experts, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior and also Security Experts. It is predicted that soon the Albanian Parliament will initially examine the law then, will treat it in Plenary for some addition to the Criminal Code. Non – officially it is learned that at least 6 Albanian citizens lost their lives till now in Syrian conflict, but the number it is thought to be larger, because their bodies are buried in the conflict place.

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