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Every Friday Albanian spectators will be in front of their TV to watch Big Brother. There will be 19 persons who will live for 100 days in the most viewed house in Albania. The competitors will be from 20-35 years old. Students, employed or non employed from all over the world will be the protagonists of this reality show.

Unknown persons will be in front of cameras in every moment of the day and night, will live in this house for 100 days, competing for the big price. There won’t be tranquility during their stay at the most famous house in the country. Most of these persons live in Albania but there are many of them who come from Italy, Greece and also a Polish girl. They will need power to resist the difficulties, strategy, friendship, maybe even love.

“Even the spectator, watching this reality show finds solutions for their complicated situations, because life out of Big Brother has the same nature, with insufficient resources. Watching the solution models and the reaction in this reality show, the spectators try to find their problem solutions.”- says Edmond Dragoti.
In fact, there are lots of persons who made their dreams come true. We can mention Bjordi and Arjon.

Arjon Muca, BB2: Your life changes , or at least, my life has totally changed. Those things like a job interview, or daily problems, now are easier because people recognize you, and respect you. There are lots of advantages but you have to know how to manage Big Brother.

Bjordi, BB2: Today I do what I really love to do, my main passion, realization of video clips, scripts, directing. Big Brother helped me a lot, it opened my doors in this ambient, people know me, it also helped me to be more confident with the cameras, public, fantasy.

Arjon: if I could go back at time, I will fight to be one more time in Big Brother, because it gave me the possibility to do what I love the most.  Who will be the “residents”? Which will be their strategies? You will find it out every Friday, at 21:00 in Top Channel, in the direction of Arbana Osmani. You may follow the daily summary every day at 16:30 and Sunday at 10 o’clock. Sooner, every Saturday, at 17:40 you will be able to watch “Big Brother Fans Club” and for the persons who don’t want to lose nothing, you can watch them live 24 to 24 in Digitalb.

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