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This article will inform you about how some things have unbelievable values in some moments, becoming part of the most expensive things in the world list. The most special and original objects which are sold in various auctions and not only are listed below:

15- Cristal Piano

The biggest Cristal piano by Heintzman was bought for $3.22 million. It was the famous pianist Lang Lang, who played with this piano during the Olympics in Beijing ,in 2008.

piano-kristali14- Susse Freres Camera

The antique camera Susse Freres is produced in 1839 and was sold in 2007 for $775000. It is thought that this is the oldest commercial camera in the world.

kamera13- Diamond Chess Set

This chess set has been made by hand and contains 9900 white and black Diamonds putted in 14 carat white gold. It was designed by Bernard Maquin and is part of Charles Hollander Collection. This set weighs 186.09 carats.

set-shahu-me-diamante12- Picasso

“Calumet boy” a picture of 1905 of Pablo Picasso was sold $104.2 million, becoming the most expensive picture ever sold. This was sold in 2004 in New York.

pikaso11- La Leopolda vila

The second most expensive house in all over the world is La Leopolda Vila in French Riviera. Its price is $506 million. It was designed and constructed between 1929 and 1931 in the ownership of Leopold II , King of Belgium and it has been part of “How to catch a thief” , a film of Alfred Hitchcoc.

vila-leopolda10- Ferrari 250 GTO, 1962 production

It was sold $35 million becoming the most expensive car in the world, when it is bought by Craig Mc Craw in 1993, who sold his company, AT&T Telecommunication for $11.5 billiard.

1962-Ferrari-250-GTO9- Cards Players

This is a Paul Cezanne picture sold in April 2011 for $259 million. It was the Qatar’s Royal Family who bought the picture.

lojtaret-e-letrave8- Magnetic Floating Bed

Even though the most expensive part of the furniture is antique, the magnetic floating bed, produced in 2006, is probably the cutest bed in world. It floats 40 cm on the floor while can hold a 910 kg weight and costs $ 1.6 million.

krevati-fluturues-magnetik7- 201 carat Diamond watch

The most expensive watch in world is an amazing Chopard watch which has three diamonds that look like hearts and other white and yellow 163 carat Diamonds. This spring mechanism allows the user to see the watch field by opening the hearts. It was sold in 2000 for $25 million.

ora-chopard-me-diamante-201-karat-6- Badminton furniture

In 2004, an antique furniture of 18th Century was sold for $36.7 million. This furniture is high 365 cm and is made by a confounding polished stones design. It was Henri Somerset, the third Duke of Beaufort who ordered this furniture when he was only 19 years old. It took 6 years to finish this furniture.

The Badminton Cabinet in Liechtenstein Museum5- Birkin

It was sold in Dallas for $203,150. This was a Hermes Birkin bag with crocodile red leather with 18 carat white gold and diamond. It usually costs $8000 a new Birkini, this if you are patient and wait your turn to come.

canta-me-lekure-krokodili-hermes4- Wallis Simpson armlet

The diamond and onyx panther, owned by Wallis Simpson (Windsor Duchess) was sold in 2012 for $12.4 in London.

byrzylyku-wallis-simpson3- Dead Shark

“Physical impossibility of death in someone’s who lives” is an artefacts which consist in keeping a shark in a vitrine. It was created by Damien Hirst. It is said that this is sold to Stiven A. Cohen for $8 million.

peshkaqeni-i-vdekur2- Perfect Rose

A 14.23 carat rose diamond with a rectangular cut, was bought by an anonymous buyer in Hong – Kong for $23.2 million. It was called “Perfect Rose”.

pink-perfekte1- Antilla

The most expensive house for a romantic meeting is 27- story tower called “Antilla”. It is located in Mumbai and belongs to Mumbai leader. It costs $1 billion. It has large spaces as 37161 m2 square, 168 cars and 3 helipads.


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