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femrat-dieteWomen hold 16 times during their whole life, diets. According to a study made in Great Britain, the diet average length is only 1 month and they lose at least 2-3 kg. Anyway, it is interesting that 27% of women give up from diets only one week later.

The main reason is unwillingness, followed by sadness and a night out with friends. Meanwhile the half of the persons who filled the questionnaire said that the reason of beginning a diet is dissatisfaction with body forms. 27% of them hold a diet so they may feel better and 19% of them begin a diet only for being on form during summer time. Only 1% said that they hold a diet only for cause of their partner.

Women think that diets are an effective way to lose weight. 71% of them believe in this. 50% of the interviewers said that they have had important changes in their life styles eliminating unhealthy foods and drinks. 80% of women said that as years pass they hold more diets. According to the study, women begin for the first time at 17 years old, holding a diet. Until 20, women hold 4 diets, until 30 – 5 and in their 40, 6 times.

How much does a woman lose her weight during the diet?

  • 0 kg 9%
  • 0.5-1.5 kg 25%
  • 2-3 kg 27%
  • 3-5 kg 13%
  • 5-6 kg 15%
  • 6-13 kg 9%

More than 13 kg 2%

How does It last?

  • 1 week 26%
  • 2 weeks 15%
  • 1 month 31%
  • 2 months 8%
  • 3-6 months 13%

More than 6 month 7%

What makes a woman giving up from her diet?

Unwillingness 35%

Sadness 19%

A night out with friends 17%

I lost my weight 15%

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