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cardAs we are on Christmas atmosphere I think that everybody would like to make a special wishes card, different from what we are used to give or to get not only for Christmas but also on birthdays or other parties. In this article we will try to give some advices how to create a wishes card and why is so important to do it. First of all, it is something special- Everybody would like to see the ones He /She loves most photos, notably family members who live far away. This means that you are interested to create something special and amazing , also you want to make somebody happy even though for just some minutes. Second, it doesn’t cost. A cards box will cost only $12 but 10 personalize online cards will cost $6 including the delivery. Third, it is easy. Creating your online festal card only means clicking the mouse button. You will not have to get out and look for it because everything you look for is into the computer. Follow our instructions and you will get your wishes card in your hand. It is nice. It is the best gift for your grandparents, if you give them their nephews pictures. You will find these kinds of card certainly, in their fridge door so everybody can see it. Now, follow the instructions and you will do a great job.

Decide what kind of wishes card you need.

It depends by the kind of the wishes card you will need, to design it. So, you have to decide if you want a Christmas or New Year card, or a special invitation. Having a clear vision in your mind you will save and will do a great job, too.

Select photos you will use.

You will need to open your photo gallery or even to take some new photos if you want something great. Here are some homely advices:

Use informal clothes. It is easy for babies, because they look great without clothes. For bigger children think about some common clothes. Avert characters, metals, logos, printing, etc. You should get your children dressed according to their age. It is important to make them feel comfortable. Coordinate the group. If you are taking a familiar photo it will be great if everyone should dress nuances of the same color. You should avoid the white color because it doesn’t look good.

Don’t concern about the background. If you are taking a personal familiar photo you don’t have to concern about the background because persons who will get these cards will be focused on the family not to the background. It is important to focus in to the babies faces. It is better for you to avoid teddy-bears etc. they will use the concentration.

It is important not to tell your children you will use the photo to create a wishes card. The more inattentive they are , it will be better. Don’t lose time but go and find some places where you can do amazing photos.

You can use the photos of last year vacations. If you do have photos from last vacations, you may use it. Select an online page if you want your friends print your cards. It is important to Google for the best site that gives you the opportunity to create the best cards. When you will find it, you may create an account and upload your photos in this site. Most of these websites have some conditions to agree about, so it will be good to read them all before accepting. There are some options in these sites that allow you to adjust what goes wrong with your photos, as red eyes or cropping the photo, etc. offers the best qualities for the photos. It has the best options but also the most expensive one. You will find different options in this page as for example, creating your own photos book and designing it as you wish. Kodak is one of the best but not too much for your pocket. offers good quality, good options , best prices. I am a fan of this page because it surprises me all the time. It is the most populated page for online services. offers good quality, perfect options and acceptable prices. Personally I think it really cost here to make photographic work, but it has good options about wishes cards. It remains one of the most expensive online pages but also I can affirm that it has the most wonderful options I have ever seen. offers good quality, perfect options and best prices ever. It has a good quality of printing even though it has limited options.

Use the right program

If you already know how to design a wishes card you will need to select the right program where to do it. The most used program that tells you how to convert photos in wishes card is Monkey Photo Version 3.0 from Monkey men program.

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