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stresWorld is beautiful because it is different. There are people who can do everything just enjoying it and taking experiences because they are not afraid, but there are also persons who won’t dare to take risks. It is a question of character, of course. But what make the difference?

The answer of this question comes from University of Texas, who confirm that persons who love the risk have less self-control . In this survey, leaded by Russell Poldrack, professor of Psychology and Neuro-schience, in Austin University, 108 volunteers bend to a MRI scanner while they were playing a video game where were stimulated by some types of risks.

The survey team created a specific software that could measure the “dangerous” choices the volunteers take to. In the middle of the survey, when the software took all the data of “players”, the program predicted the future choices that they will take. In the end, 72% of the predictions were exact. “We not only may predict what the players would do in a situation but also what other persons would do”. This software analyzed some little centers in the brain which are related with the control, memory and concentration.

The survey results were that for persons who take risk exist effective systems of control who “warn” when is time to stop. If we can find the outside factors that affect the brain, we can also find the protection to avoid risks. You would find this survey in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine.

Mind Control

Mind control is a general denomination about some methods, techniques and theories to avoid the control of thinking, behaving, feeling or taking decisions. Mind control appear mostly as a fantasy, because in some cases it sounds like fantastic-scientific history. This denomination is used usually by the conspiracy theories, which after each situations ask “ Who want me to believe this?” or “ Who want that people disbelieve this?” But a mind control is done with drugs, insomnia or other physic stimulants. Mind control cannot be under pressure and this is the difference with brain emasculation. Mind control is divided in two categories: Direct (organism )and Indirect (media, experiences).

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