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We can realize big projects with our phone!

beni-projekte-dhe-dizenjoniDo you need to realize projects with high quality? You can use Mark On Call for iOS devices. This Application helps us to design detailed projects of rooms, restaurants, offices and everything you want.

Monitoring your heart beating!

masni-rrahjet-e-zemresThis is an application offered by Instant Heart Rate, created by Azumio. With an application like this you can control your pulse putting your finger in your phone screen for a few seconds. This is an amazing application which is awarded as the best application in health and fitness category during 2011.

You can find the exact color nuances!

gjeni-nuancat-e-ngjyrave1If you always wanted to color your room walls as your pillows color or you want to make your ceiling appear as the sky, here is the solution. BEHR’s Color Smart gives you the possibility to have it for free and to find your exact color. This application is offered only for iOS and Android systems.

Changing the light intensity!

ndryshoni-intesitetin-e-dritesDo you need to change the intensity of your room’s light? Does it sounds strange that your phone can do it? You don’t have to be surprised. Now with Philips Hue application and with his special lamps we can control lights using Wi-Fi from your smartphone. We can also turn on and off the lights from the distance when we are not at home. It is fantastic!! And now you can do it just by typing a button.

You can now register your partner snore!

monitoroni-gerhitjenIt happens all the time. Your partner snores by night. This is a fact. But what goes wrong with this? He or she never accepts this fact. Now with Night Recorder application we can end up this discussion forever. But be careful! You might be catched out snoring, too, and this will open a new motive to dispute.

You can trace your phone or find out who the criminal is!

1There are a lot of applications created for this purpose. We can mention : iGotYa, Find My iPhone and Kaspersky Mobile Lite. All these applications are offered for free and your mobile, in case of being stolen, can take a photo to the thief, switch on the alarm or can delete totally the device. As the risk of being stolen is increasing, the ways to reduce it are also improving themselves.

Using your phone to get out from difficult situations!

tju-nxjerri-nga-situataDuring your random day, you may find yourself talking to a person you don’t like to. Now you can avoid this situation. How can you do it? It is easy. Fake Me Out is the application you need for. This application activates a fake call if you could just shake your phone or your keys in your pocket. And that’s all. You are safe!

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