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ushqimetDuring our daily diet we consume various food products. But which of them do we need to consume more or to reduce so that we can improve our sexual life, to strengthen and to last the lust? There are a lot of products which can realize that but what really matter are the products we must not consume. Here is a short list of them:

If you have big plans for the night, you have to begin with not putting in your dinner menu sausages. This because we have found indications of high fat content which can close the arteries of the penis. And also, the low quality of the meat that is used can cause inflammation.


Yes, you may be surprised, but this is true. Flavored chips aren’t a good choice because like sausages, the fat content badly affects the circulation of blood and testosterone levels. The levels of salt that are found in those products can cause high blood pressure causing also problems with erection.


It is very important the fresh aroma if you are having sex, but if you use menthol, it will destroy your power in bed, reducing the levels of testosterone and automatically your desire. Bye Bye Plans!!


If you are hungry and you think that it is better to eat a chocolate, you are doing a big mistake. It will initially increase the blood sugar level, but it won’t last forever. After a while you will be hungry again. So, it will be better to consume some fruits instead of sweets.

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