Albanian Youth: Confused and Discouraged

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albanian-youthYouth are the future of our society. That’s the motto of Albanians politicians. But is it true? Are they represented by this policy? Do they understand what is really happening?

The situation, unfortunately, is not very good. The expectations of youth in our country show a negative reality. Policy-makers in our country have shown a lack of confidence related with youth. We can see it in the low levels of motivation in pushing them toward education, reading and a better perspective about the future.

In our days, it seems like youth is not interested in politics. According to statistics almost 33% of youth are less interested, 30% are interested and only 11% are the most interested. It is a fact, too, that males are the most interested in this direction with 43%, while females only 38%. It is worth noting that this interest is mostly related with monetary compensation.

This group of youths think that engagement in politics will make them rich. European Movement Albanian Report declared that new members who adhere in political groupings do not intend to improve public service but just give ideas about politics as a profitable instrument. The credibility of politics in improving social services is decreasing by leaps and bounds.

In a survey with 70 students from Shkodra, Elbasani and Vlora resulted that only 2% are informed about the duties of local govern, 16% are well-informed and 57% less informed. 47.17% are misinformed about the powers of local govern and also, 64.76% feel themselves completely ruled out from the decision-making.

Those are the reasons why youth feels so confused . According to statistics 2.8% of youth are satisfied with the democracy in our country, 21.3% are less and 21% do not believe in politics. Only 6.3% of youth is disappointed.

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