The contours of the new cabinet of Angela Merkel?

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Angela_MerkelSPD sought from their bases to comment on whether he wants to join the Social Democrats in a grand coalition. The base is massively: 333 500 474 800 members of the party gave their vote to about 70 percent of the membership.

If the decision is positive, the latest in a week we will know who they are as members of the government and who will get which ministry. In Monday’s planned signing of the coalition agreement. Tuesday to cabinet grand coalition of CDU / CSU and SPD sworn and Angela Merkel was elected as Chancellor.

Just before the counting of votes in the media have published the names of the politicians of the SPD, which will be important functions. The head of the SPD Sigmar Gabriel will be vice-chancellor and head of a new “super” Ministry of Economy and Energy, Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) returns the old function, which was the 2005th In the first grand coalition led by Merkel. He obviously enjoyed it to be a diplomat, it could be noticed by anyone who was with him on a business trip. In addition, Steinmeier public appearances are always wise and diplomatic. The Germans loved him in that position, or more than his successor Gida Verstervelea, it shows in the polls.

Tomas Operman will be the new head of the parliamentary group of the Social Democrats and the successor function Steinmeier. This is sure to be Wolfgang Schaeuble remain finance minister. Its function has a bad image, but not him as a person: Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), Minister of Finance in which it has confidence.

It is also not surprising that the Secretary General of the SPD Andrea Nales, which is already dealing with topics in the field of economic and social policy, will be appointed as minisitarku work, and Manuela Švezig, Vice-President of the SPD, was to minister to the family.

The head of the SPD in Sarskoj area Hajko Mas will be the new Minister of Justice, and the treasurer of the SPD Barbara Hendricks, Minister of Ecology.

This information is under restraint, nepotrvrđene at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party, it will be only after the publication of the results declaring membership to know whether the party has a grand coalition with the Christian Democrats.

According to media reports, Peter Altmajer (CDU) could be the new Minister of the Interior and head of kancelarkinog office, instead of praised. Peter Altmajer has proved to be a minister, but in the Department of Ecology’s not been successful – too short was in office.

Moving to ecological energy supply and final solution for the storage of nuclear waste are mega projects, which can be completed in a few months. However, he would like to be remained in that post. In Berlin, a story that has a good relationship and are happy to call in the evening, so after endless negotiations, in his dining room there is a surprising agreement.

Bundesinnenminister Hans-Peter Friedrich Handy.

Hans Peter Friedrich (CSU) is currently two functions: it is still the Minister of the Interior, a commissar took over the ministry for consumer protection. As Interior Minister he has a hard course for refugees and asylum seekers, and to the many less like.

Nonetheless, it would be a shame if he, as a representative of the conservative part of society, left his post.

Minister for Family Affairs, Minister for Labour and for a bit – the president of the country. Career Ursula von der Lajen is brilliant, so it just seems to place the Minister of Health is a step backwards.

Merkel could cheer her up by having proposed the first minister of defense, if this position is there was a change.

It seems that Alexander Dobrint, Secretary General of the CSU, Zálužie be promoted. Dobrint could be the new transport minister and successor of Peter Ramzauera which belongs to the uncertain candidates from the ministerial chair. He was a Minister of Transport, at the beginning of the term, you did well to cope with the problem of ash (eruption), but the new airport in Berlin was too big a bite. It is estimated that the German “Shkodra Bojana” cost more than five billion euros.

Ronald praised as Minister Chancellor actually bureau chief Angela Merkel, is not satisfied. He showed bad manners in response to internal party criticism and was too radical in their statements in connection with the spying scandal (NSA). However, behind the powerful Christian Democrats in North Rhine-Westphalia. Ministry of consumer protection might be a good solution. However.Judging by the media, praised retiring from politics.

Barbara Hendricks SPD Schatzmeisterin Flash Gallery

Johanna Wanka is the shortest of the ministerial function. It was only in February, the Ministry of Education took over from Annette Chavan who had to leave because of a scandal over plagiarism doctoral thesis. Vanka was convincing in his rare public appearances, but will have to deal with those who have more “rights” of the ministerial office.

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