The story of Genti boy

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raped-by-aliensAn simple guy from Albania a week ago shared its story in a public TV of the most viewed show in the country and sine then everyone started to share his opinions in a form of quote in their social media accounts. We are going to share here with our visitors today a little about the anonymous person as he referred to him self on the show. Even that he didn’t say how old he was we found out his age and it was on his 30.

The anonymous person that didn’t wanted to share its name now everyone knows after the press found out. So his name was Genti from the south of the country born on Konispol. The show he participated at found Genti online and after one of the show workers found his articles interesting in his note section in Facebook talked ti the director and after agreed to give him a chance to publish his thoughts on TV, Genti agreed and here it starts. Even that is funny as an online every section website we are we didn’t want to miss this story without talking a little about it. So let’s begin! Genti woke up a day and as his usual morning run calming the hill of the town he lives in he saw in a field fare a away something suspicions.

After deciding to get near to it and the curiosity of his wanted to explore what it was he decided to go for it as he claims.  When he got near he saw a big rounded disc with alot of lights all over it and without thinking twice he knew it was a UFO. After that he decided to go even near and showed no fear what was going to happen so that’s what he did. He went  close to the flying disc and started shouting “Hello Hello”, waiting for someone to come out. But as he said no answer again so next he walked round the disk and in a side of it he saw that were some kind of steps that can climb on the top of it.

So he went on the top and in there he said right on the middle part was a glass and clearly Genti saw inside some suspicious looking humans which he says they looked like Aliens. He punched the glass and thought it was his lucky day he was going to become the most powerful man in the world and the first one having connection with Aliens.  After the Aliens saw him they made a sign to  him to walk down so he did.

After the Aliens open the door of the disk as Genti says he climbed in and after it he does not remeber a thing only hearing a powerful sound that can’t describe. Meanwhile Genti woke up and what he says next is the most funnier thing ever! The Aliens were raping him from behind and the raping continued for 4 days. Scared to death after he was raped and tight in an Alien bad and without having an opinion were he was in earth or universe he started thinking of escaping or at list killing the aliens.

But nothing like that happen this was the last thought of Genti in the flying alien dick he opend his eyes in the field and does not remember a thing how they thrown him or how he got there but what does he remember is that he was rape by Aliens.

So even you dear visitor believe it or not this was the story of the week by a guy from the south of the country that shared his unbelievable story with the world. We as Gazeta Shekulli have an answer for Genti also. Dear Genti we are sorry for what happened to you  but we recomend to you our dear country fellow to tell you mum and make her spend all her life savings in a propel therapist because your the joke of the year and you’ll be in history books and will rock on the top of dumbest idiots of planet earth. Good Day every body! 😀

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