Something unbelievable thing Paul Walker did

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fast-1The family of Paul Walker have appreciates the outpouring of the love and goodwill from all worldwide fans and many friends. They asked, in lieu of flowers or the other gifts, that the donations please be made to Paul’s charity that has Reach out Worldwide (RPWW). The donations that now can be easily be made through their online website at their website. The Fast and Furious Team. Nearly 10 years ago the actor Paul Walker was shopping in the jewelry store in Santa Barbara.

At the same store in the same day a soldier that had return from Iraq war was shopping also in the jewelry store with his fiancee. The Clerk, Irene King, recalled what happened next. The fiance of the soldier that just had return from Iraq saw something in the store that she really loved, but the soldier told her, “Honey i can’t afford that, ” And the King said. Now let’s explain a little that the something thing was a 10,000 dollar engagement set.

fast-0The Fast and the Furious star, Paul Walker overheard the conversation and without saying anything to the couple, called the manager of the jewelry store and said to him. Can you see that couple that are looking at that ring, the manager said, yes, well then put it on my tab, “King remembered. “Soon after that, he just left.” When the couple asked whom to thank for it, the store manager said it was an anonymous gift.

The manager of the jewelry store Clerks kept all this as a secret until Walker’s death, and he wanted to point out how great of a guy Paul Walker was. King’s son has shared this story on Paul Walker Facebook page after his death. To do a thing like that to someone that you don’t even know and you will never see them again is just unbelievable.

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