Afghanistan of 1960

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kabul-schoolIn this post we are bringing to you some pictures that you will not believe your eyes. We have choosen the Asian country of Afghanistan. Now lets talk a little about Afghanistan and the first opinions what everybody beleives and thinks of it. When some European or American think of Afghanistan in their mind quickly come the idea of that country were Taliban rule most of the nation, where sharia law is very powerful and people have no rights at all, and everyone is right about that’s the present day Afghanistan but not the Afghanistan of 1960.

A very peaceful hue of 1960s. The nation of Afghanistan in this photos are fare more different of a country embroiled with corruption and struggle. During year of 1967, the professor of the Arizona  State, Dr. Bill Podlich along with his family swapped the stark, sultry summers of Tempe, the Arizona of the environs of the Kabul. After his serving on the World War 2, Dr, Bil Podlich wanted so badly to partake in a cause for peace and exactly for that reason, Dr. Podlich teamed up with UNESCO, to work for 2 years at one of the Kabul Colleges, at Higher Teachers College in the capital city of Afghanistan.

afghanistan-3Dr. Bill Podlich along with him took his children, Peg and Jan and his wife Margaret. While he did not develop the relationships with his Afghans cohorts, Dr, Bill Podlich developed his Kodachrome film, which he managed to capture a peaceful and modernizing nation of Afghanistan which belies the harrowing pictures and thoughts associated with the war-torn country we mostly see the present day.

This is the main reason that in Peg Podlich’s eyes, her father, Dr. Bill Podlich photos are incredibly so important. Peg Podlich declares that these photos, can encourage folks to take a look at Afghanistan and its beautiful people as they are and could be. I want to say that is very important to know that we have much more in common with people in other nations then what separates us.

kabul-4So the main point of this post is: After i firstly saw this images i couldn’t believe that it said this was in Afghanistan the year does not matter, but what matters is the change the culture the way the people were and are today. Shouldn’t we think a little more for this multiculturalism thing? It happens and here you go here is the prove Afghanistan! Look at it now and take a look how it was. So in some people opinion that are increasing their voices for their nation and culture that is changing much quickly by the immigration from other continent i think it is happening. Can you believe that in a matter of years France might transform into a Islam Republic or Sweden into a small Somalia? Our European governments are out of their minds just everyone that has some clear opinion take a look of present day Afghanistan and then. Is it our turn? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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