4 super simple party stunts

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plate-tricksIn this post we are going to show you the 10 super simple party stunts that you can impressive your friends while having fun. So below we are going to show you everything well explained in details what you need to do and to take the attention of every single person in the party your in. So let’s begin. In this first stunt what you need to do is take a bottle of water a plate and a piece of shell from the side of an egg. So you have to put some water in the plate and using your hand you need to rub it around the rim. Then place the shell on the rim and that’s it, it will spin around the plate. And that’s amazing isn’t it? So try it and come back for the thumbs up.

Our next stunt is kind of a cool one so let’s begin, explain to your friends that you have badly hurt your thumb. Then you need to do exactly what we tell you. You need to take a plastic cup and place it under you elbow, and as you gently pull your thumb up, crash the cup against your body and the noise is exactly as a broken bone.

The third stunt, you need to take a fork and tell your friends that you can magically make the fork stick to your left hand, when your friends become suspicious of your right hand you need to take it away and the fork will still stay in the exact place. The secret involves a dinner knife that is placed under your watchstrap and the dinner knife supports the fork to not fall off your hand.

In this other stunt, which is more funnier actually what you need to do is: Make a cone of paper, cut off the end and place two dots on it to create a face. The cone have to be put in your third finger then bend that finger over and next you have to place your other hand on top. Now you can introduce to your friends your new pet mouse. After it for some extra fun, secretly place some tomato sauce on your hand, and after all your spectators or friends have seen your pet mouse, push your hands together and say “Oh my God, i think i just killed my pet.

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