Noizy the Albanian rapper

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Rigels-RajkuRigels Rajku known as (Noizy) was born on25/09/1985/in Diber Albania. In 1997 along with his family they left Albania for a better life in London England. Noizy moved to (South East, Wooldwhich) at that time it was known as one of the most dangers neighborhood in London. Inspired by the street mc Noizy started practicing everyday and he revealed that he had talent on it.

Noizy had talent on street fighting as well he is declared a champion 15 times in street fighting. After he finished college in London he started singing Garage music in London but he nerved published anything in U.K because it was difficult for him to find the way in the music industry, so he came back in Albania with a different style of rap mixed with garage and he participated in shows, and in a year time he started becoming famous for the Albanian public.

Noizy except for his new rhythm that has published in Albania, he started becoming more famous about his life style. Over time he creates a larger group in Albania and Kosovo and named (o.t.r). Noizy cooperated with Duda and they made a couple of songs together along with (o.t.r.) family.

Rigels_RajkuNoizy was very famous after this cooperation. Over time he started having rivals on his music and they started to provoke at each other in music, after making songs swearing at each other they were named by the media (Bigy and 2 Pac). Noizy first albums was made in 2008 and it toke him over a year to realize because he wanted to be special, he worked up with (Tom on the mix and Gbmc) in London.

Noizy has signed a contract with (Zig-Zag Records) which were he completed his super hits like (O.t.r me Zemer and Jena mbreter). In 2010 he launched his new album (Most wanted mix tape), at the same year he took part at (Top fest) festival with the song (What’s up) and he won the (Internet Prize).

In a TV show he sad that his life is really changing from the past and to him his life is like a movie. Noizy is planning to go to America and to work out in music industry because as he says nothing is impossible.

His last hit was launched a couple of months ago along with Eni Koci and the song was titled (So Hot). Up this date Noizy has won a big popularity in Albania and Kosovo and has started organizing concerts along this country’s and Europe.

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