Mc Kresha the MC from Kosovo

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mc-kreshaKreshnik Fazliu is known by his nick name (Mc Kresha) is a Kosovo rap singer and very famous lately all over Albanian territories. Two successive songs launched by him during these months, have made Mc Kresha a fugitive of the most in recent days. His songs titled (Lej Flleshtat) and collaboration with the member of (TDS) Dr Mic with the song (Lyrical Warfare) are the most heard songs in our Radio and Television.

Mc Kresha says that he is pleased with the success of Bothe of the songs, the song titled (Lej Flleshtat) is a song that was popularizes by many people because it was launched out early in the internet. This song was recorded at the (Enis Presevo) studio and (Lyrical Warfare) in the studio of the well known producer Genc Perlvukaj. But these songs are not the only success that has characterized Mc Kresha this summer has come with another collaborating along with (Lyrical Son) and (Noga) and they launched the song titled (Souljah) and this song it became a hit for this summer.

There was another collaborating with the singer (Leonora Poloska) and they launched the song titled (Kush o Mama) and up this date Mc Kresha launched another hit song this time with the 17 years old singer (Dafina Rexhepi) who has made a big success and the song is very liked in Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. After this Mc Kresha launched his first album titled (Patikat e Mija), this album is divided into two parts, and the first part has gone on sale this summer while the second part is expected to come during the winter this year.

In an early interview he said that for now he is having a brake and Mc Kresha is accepted to come back in our scenes after he launches the second part of the album. And his last song was launched a one month ago feat with the famous singer Nora Istrefi and the song is titled (As ni Zo). Here are most of his songs created by him (Intro Patikat e Mija, Aha Aha, Lej Flleshtat, Not You, Yes Sir, Lyrical Warfare, Interlude Patikat e Mija, Shum Classy, 5sta Hustla, rollin, Poem, Njo dy Njo dy, Not U Uncensored,).

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