Eminem Embraces Hip-Hop History in ‘Rap God’

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rap-god-emEminem’s new Marshall Mathers LP 2, album releases the “Rap God” single. According to the Rolling Stone cover stars says, They say i rap like a robot, so call me rapbot.” It’s the line in the song that seems to have most influenced the look of the song’s video.

Where does Eminem ranks on the list of rolling stone cover stars list of the 100 Greatest Artists?

All throughout the video, Eminem appears on a Max Headroom, much like the guise that Eminem assumed on the clip teaser, twitching and glitching after the colorful backdrops. Till half of the clip Eminem splices in that scene taking shots while he is sitting with his eyes closed and while resting like that you can spot the computer downloading information like a robot from the cables that run into and out of him while sitting with his eyes closed and the cameras moving around the room. A few seconds later Em becomes like a superhero, character and while the last shot of him he looks wholly digitized in another. The only time he sees humans are only while he takes those shots of him and he imagines them into a battle-rapping in a gray hoodie with a backpack on.

This was the describe from the rolling stone web site about the new video clip of Eminem. Rolling stone has a chart of all celebrities and every new song that is launched out from artists they ranked into their chart of top 100 artists of all time. As we Gazeta Shekulli think of this new song as a southern European nation and after down here Em has a lot of fans we still keep him into our first ranked chart of greatest artist all the time! Eminem is still the greatest rapper alive and why not with his new hit already he is a rap god.

rick-rubin-eminemHere are 4 of the You tube Comments made from Em in his new single Rap God that we thought these words really deserve to be said for him!

  • If he thinks is a rap god, then these other rappers are in a big trouble.
  • Eminem is the best Rapper all the time, Brazil loves him keep up the great work.
  • Never turn your back on rap Em! Your the best if you go from music Hip Hop dies, please keep on making great hits likes this best song ever. Greetings Romania.
  • The Marshall Mathers, Eminem what a great song and what a great message in it! Em the best rapper ever.

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