Bujar Qamili

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bujar-qamiliBujar Qamili was born on 21/10/1963 in Shkoder Albania. He started his career since young. During secondary school Bujar has participated at school concerts and that’s where he discovered his talent on folk music. After he finished secondary school Bujar Qamili create a group called (Grupi i Rinise) and he made a couple of songs with them.

In 1974 he participated for the first time on the scene and has more than 24 years that he still sings and is liked by the people. He has participated at many Festivals in the country and here are some of his important prizes that Bujar has won during his career. He was classified first at the Festival (Song of Shkodra), his second awarded was at the Festival (Night of Folk Music) and third place at the spectacle (12 ne Hollivud).

During this time he has won also many other prizes, and has come with many new songs year by year. At the Festival of (Marathon of the Albanian folk music) Bujar was classified first. Then a year later at the Festival (International Albanian folk music) in Elbasan he was classified first. Then he won the (Golden CD of Albanian folk music). A couple of years ago he also won at the Festival (Folk Universe) and of course he was classified first. For the contribution to music Bujar Qamili has received the highest Title given to a singer, which it was (Kengetare I Urdherit, Naim Frasheri I Arte).

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