Jonida Maliqi biography

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jonida-maliqiJonida Maliqi was born on 26/03/1983 in Tirana Albania. Since young she had talent on singing and she used to sing her favorite singers song everywhere even on parks streets and buses. One day as usually she was singing a song of the famous singer (Prashivi Simakut) and next to her was the famous pianist Nora Cashkua which was listening to her carefully as she was singing and was impressed by Jonidas voice.

Nora Cashuka meat her parents and told them that Jonida has a beautiful voice and they should send her at the music school (Deshmoret E Lirise) which Jonida studied there for four years for violin. At 9 years old the impact of Suzana Turku directed Jonida at the cultural center of children show and there started her first artistic career in music. This kind of shows that were organized in and outside the country made Jonida to be familiar with the emotions of the scenes and with the pleasure of singing live and her first prices in her career. After this she started to study at the school (Jordan Misja) and for three years she participated at a course four guitar.

jonidaAnd she was graduated at the same school for Singing. At 13 years old she participated for the first time as a professional singer at the (Congress Palace) with a duet with the toner Aleksander Rrapi and with the children complex along with Sherif Mejdani. In 1997 Jonida participated at the (Festival of Song) along with Kastriot Tusha and they presented a song dedicated to Mother Teresa.

In 1999 we would see Jonida as solo singer at the Spring Festival and then at the (RTSH Show) with her new song titled (DO Jetoj Pa Ty) which it became a hit for that time and was classified with the second award at the Nota Festival in Skopje.

After she finished her high school for singing she went to the Academy of Arts studding for singing which she was directed by the well-known Pedagogue (Nina Mula). Jonida has participated at the most of the Festivals like in (Festival of Spring, Festival of Song, Kenga Magjike and Marathon of Folk Festival) and has won also different awards. In 2005 she started working to launch her first album along with Adi Hila, and after this she was named the best interpreter at the (Kenga Magjike) Festival.

Also she realized a video clip titled (Fli Tani) which it was a ballade very liked by her. In 2006 she launched her first album titled (Nuk Te Pres) of her 23 anniversary. After this she participated along with the famous female singer Tuna and they were awarded (Best Females) at the Top Fest 3 Festival. And also at the same year she participated at the Musical show (Romeo and Juliet) along with Alban Skenderaj. In 2007 she was present in concerts and Festivals organized in and outside of the country presenting her songs. In 2008 she was classified first at the Festival Kenga Magjike.

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