Bleona Qereti the first steps into her career

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bleonaBleona Qereti was born in korca Albania on 14/05/1979, at the age of 5 her parents decided to change town and they moved to Elbasan. She is one of the most well known singers and actress from Albania.

She is considered by her fans one of the stars of pop& R% b music in Albania.Bleonas first singing was in 1991 at the Balkans festival in (Preveza) Greece. In 1991 she used to work at the Skampa Theater as a show girl and a singer. Her career started in 1995 when she took part at the song festival organized by the (Albanian radio television).After a tour in Germany and Belgium, in 1996 she participated in the Albanian national song festival.

At the same year she also participated at the world folk festival in France. In 1997 she had difficulty social economic condition in Albania so she worked overtime to produce her first video clip called (The Wind). Bleona after has lunched this video clip she had a big number of invitations in Montenegro to run shows over this country. Bleona lunched her first album in January 1998 the name of the album was (I do what I like).In 1998 she went to study for acting at the art academy.

Beona took part at the spring song festival in 1999 singing her hit (If you truly love me). A couple of years later she participated a tour around Europe including {Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium), the special thing about this tour was that it was a charity tour. Bleona is also known as an intelligent in many different things she can sing and speak in for languages. At the same year she was invited in Switzerland by the Albanians for a tour in Geneva and in other cities where the Albanian communities are. For about 6 years Bleona took part at the Albanian National song contest.

Bleona_QeretiAnd Bleona second album came on January 2000. At the same year she organizes the biggest tour ever just for the Albanians living in Europe. Bleona still to impress her fans all over the world so a couple of years ago she came along with her new song realized in America (mandarin). In 2005 she published her new album she worked for this album in one of the most best studios in USA (A recording), in this studio some of the most famous people in USA have record they songs for example (EMINEM did some of his songs, J-Z, Justin Timberlake, Timberland and the sound of the movie Rush-hour).

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