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alketa_vejsiuAlketa Vejsiu started her career at (Top Albania Radio) since 14 years old and worked for four years in there. She was a very good speaker and the program that she used to run on the radio was liked by everyone. After she quit her job on the radio she was recognized with the well known producer Vera Grabocka, which she required a female presenter for her serials titled (Me shifren E Zemres 12) and later on it was named (12 Enderrat E Nje Nate Vere) The European sport dancing show.

Since then the image of Alketa started to grow more and her steps in Television reached the maximum level of her great performances in the show, and Alketa was the only youngest performer in Albania. A couple of years later she participated as a singer in (Kenga Magjike Festival and Mikrofoni i Arte) and was awarded which it made her even more famous and she showed her talent on singing as well.

Since then her career as a TV presenter and now with a new talent on music also started growing even more. And one of her excellent performance came when Alketa along with the “Promoter”, presenters, Bledi Laco, Pandi Laco and Ardian Hila directed one of the biggest Festivals in the country.

Some of the most famous Festivals, TV Shows etc that Alketa has made great performance are listed below:

In 2003 she runs the famous show in (TV Klan) Gjeniu i Vogel. Then a year later she presented the best 100 songs of the century, which it was a unique serial that it brought to our memories the pearls of the Albanian music.

In 2004 she came on the scene of the (Palace of Congresses) for the first time as a presenter of the Show (Mr. and Miss Albania 2004). Then in 2006 she collaborated again with the well known producer Vera Grabocka and they presented the European Clip Festival followed by 200 million viewers. Again with Vera Grabocka, Alketa brought in Albania one of the most interesting shows world wide “X Factor”.

Alketa Vejsiu is known as the best presenter in the country and she has a big popularity that follows shows ruined by her. In present days Alketa Vejsiu stil remains one of the best presenters in the country and works in one of the most famous Televisions in Albania.

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