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getoarTingulli 3 was created in 1996 by Getoar Selimi. Getoar selimi was born in Pristine Kosovo on 3/07/1982/.  The first performance of Getoar Selimi was during the year 1996, which he performed in a stage along with Anita Vukpalaj. They singed the song called (Rap adhuroj), at the same year Getoar collaborated with Jeton Topushen and Besa Gashin and after this performances they named the group Tingulli 3. A few months later they made two more songs and the group broke up.

tingulli-3ntAfter this it Getoar was meet with Agon Sylejmani or called (Big Xig) and Getoat decided to cooperate with (Big Xig) and up this day they are still collaborating together. Agon Sylejmani was born in Pristine Kosovo on 28/07/1982/. Getoar continued to keep the name of  Tingulli 3 and in two years time they formed a rap clan and they named it (Kosova out Laez Clan).With the formation of this clan they collaborated with other rap groups such as (Hija e Jetes). After 3 years of this collaboration they issued a new song titled (G Funk Geloxia) in collaboration with Afrim muqiqi.

This was a new step for strengthening Tingulli 3 into the world music. After they collaborated with Etno Engjejt and they made a new successful song together titled (K.O.L.C “Deshira per jete”). A few months later they began to clan disputes and were separated so each group found his way to lunched their albums on market. After all these events they managed Tingulli3 and are those that are today. After a serious work they came with the first album (Prishtina fucking city).Then they change the name to Tingulli 3nt. In 2005 came the collaborating with (2po2) this one also a famous rap group in Kosovo and Albania, they made the song titled (Prishtinali) than they came with the new album (I 3nt).

Tingulli 3nt has collaborated with many other singers such as (Genta ismajilin, Elvana Gjata, Ciljeta Cilaga, Soni Malaj, Skillz, Lyrical son, Kaos, Don Pizhi, Dj blunt, Real 1, Tunen and finally with Ermal Fejzullahun). They last album was the successful one which was carried in 2008 titled (Pika per vesh). In this days Tingulli 3nt is composed by Getoar selimi, Ghetto Gold and Agon Sylejmani (Big Xig).

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