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unikatil-viktor-palokajViktor Palokaj known as Unikatil is a rap singer and very well known in all Albanian territories. He come into a tradition family and Viktor is the grandson of Gjon Palkos namely of the (National Front) and the man known who didn’t give his lands to slaves, all his enemies in that time which he had a lot wanted to kill him but they all failed.

Viktor finished his secondary school in capital of Kosovo (Pristine) and then his high school he went at (Sami Frasheri) but during his time in their Viktor started becoming a problematic and was expelled for three times. Since that time he had passion for music especially on rap and hip-hop and he has start to singe that kind of rhythm since he was 12 year old and to him rap is a special gift. In 1992 he wrote two songs titled (Democracy and to gulf the police) and then a year later in 1993 Viktor recorded his first professional song titled (Chains that do not cut Off) but during that time he didn’t had much popularity because only some of the people used to know this kind of rhythm.

In 1995 for Viktor it was the year that took his best friend away (Dren Thaqi) which it was hit by a train. Unikatil has written a song for him titled (Heart in Peace) for his memory. After this Unikatil wrote another song titled (Death Serbia) which in that time Kosovo was a republic of Yugoslavia and radios and Televisions didn’t broadcast most of his songs, the only song that their used to broadcast was (Heart in Peace). Music that Unikatil used to make in that time was explicit with fear texts and was the present reality.

In 1996 his family was included in clashes with an Albanian family and entered the blood with them. Then he along with his family decided to move to the USA, and they were placed in New York in (Bronx) which is also the most populated place with Albanians, and he continued his music career organizing concerts and privates events for the Albanian community. Two years later he collaborated with some of the member of (ABI) known as (Albanian Rules) and they launched a song with freestyles and jokes. Then in the same year Unikatil wrote another song titled (If I die you Die) and the song became a hit in Albania and Kosovo and it was seen by many people as the best rap song in Western style.

His fans in Albania used to watch his songs in internet and later on they used to buy it in music shops. During his time in New York he created his clan (TBA) known as (The Bloody Alboz) and every part of it is involved with rap. After this Unikatil opened his own recording studio called (Conqueror Records) where he has worked most of his songs and albums. Unikatil has made 3 albums during his career and there are titled (Unikatil Prezanton the Bloody Alboz, Kanuni i Katilit and Armiqt Superm).

His first album was launched in 2004 and the both of his albums were launched in the same year 2007. With the album (Armiqt Superm) he has sold 8000 copies within three days which this album broke sales recording in Kosovo. Uniikatil still lives in the United States and he still records songs in his studio along with the (TBA) clan.

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