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gjyste-vulajGjyste Vulaj was born in (Vuksanelaj) a small town in Montenegro on 09/07/1977/. Gjyste Vulaj is an ethnic Albanian and she sings pop, Folk music and recently has made a big success all over Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. So far she has published 10 albums and associated with video clips. Gjyste Vulaj lives in London and has organized a couple of concerts for the Albanians there. She also works as graphic design, montage of songs and video clips.

She is married to Sokol Vulaj for all over ten years and they have a daughter together. Gjyste Vulaj is participants in a lot of concerts in and out the country which she separates the concerts in (Mel burn, Sydney, Hanover and Stuttgart). In an interview she said that is my voice that makes the people worships me. Gjyste vulaj has participated also in TV shows like in (Rtk TV, Perralle me Tupan) and at the comedy show (Apartamenti 2XL) where her performance was excellent. Her first album was titled (1234) and was published in year 2000 and then she came again in 2001 with another album titled (O ju Motra).

Year 2002 Gjyste published two more albums titled (Jam e embel si Sheqer) and the other one (100%). Then in two years Gjyste didn’t make any other song or album , then in 2004 she published her new album (Sjam per ty) and again later that year Gjyste published another album titled (Me lejon te te Puth nje here). In 2005 she produced her next album titled (Me te Mirat).

Then in five years time she started her tours around the world for the Albanian communities. In 2010 Gjyste came aging with a new album titled (je 1sh) which was a successful one and in 2011 with her last album so far (A behesh Merak).

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