Florian Mumajesi a short presentation

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Florian_Mumajesi-1Florian Mumajesi is known as one of the best composer and singer in Albania. Florin work have awakened a great interest to the Albanian public, but also foreign. Flori is currently the most sought Albanian composer. He has realized many hits during his career and has collaborated with many famous singers like (Getoar Selimi, 2po2, Fuga, Elvana Gjata, Julka, Orinda Huta etc).

Some of the most popular songs that he has made are (Crazy Girl, Making Off, Play Back, Gjithmone, Ste Fal, I Ngjan Asaj etc). Most of these songs were collaboration with different singers from Albanian and Kosovo. Florian mumajesi has participated at many Festivals and has been awarded but also some of his songs that he has composed have won prizes two. In 2010 Flori participated at the Balkan music Awards Festival with his hit song titled (Playback) having represented his country Albania.

At the (Top Fest 8) Festival Flori presents his new song titled (Tallava) and was awarded, his song during the present days is still listening by his fans. He participated again at the Festival Balkan Music Awards along with Fuga and Elvana Gjata presenting the hit song (Making off), at the present day Flori has launched a new album titled (Detaj) and his last hit song that Flori has launched is titled (Tequila). Flori will still produce good music for his fans this year has said in an interview.  In the present years Florian Mumajesi has build a great business in music industry. Well known singers from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and even Bulgaria record their songs in his studio and launch their songs under his protection.

A few months ago he just launched a new song along with a popular artist from Kosovo and their song in a matter of hours reached a big number of views in internet. He is also famous for his hobbies and his favorite one is football, every weekend he along with his mates have completed their own team and play off other teams that are made up by people that have similar hobbies as he.  The press also talks a lot about him and his relations with other people but from his side he never talks much about his private life.

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