Çiljeta Xhilaga

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Ciljet_ XhilagaCiljeta Xhilaga was born in 05/02/1985 in Tirane Albania. Ciljeta finished her secondary school at (Jeronim de Rada) and she her high school in (Sami Frasheri). In the first year of school she participated at the school concurs of beauty which she was selected the best model. At the same year Ciljeta competed at Miss Albania were she estimated (Miss Cinema). At 17 years old she represents Albania at spectacle (Miss National) organized in Brazil. During high school Ciljeta becomes an image for advertising.

Ciljeta-XhilagaCiljta first song was (Tekila) and after this she had a big success all over Albania. After this she started her career in music industry and up this date Ciljeta is very famous in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Diaspora. She has collaborated with other famous singers from Albania and Kosovo such as (Tingulli 3, Big basta Ingrid gjoni etc).

Ciljeta over the years has organized many concerts in Europe and in the United States of America. Ciljetas favorite food is pasta and her favorite’s one are the Italians ones but also she likes to cook as well.

She is much closed with her mother and she has made a gift to her a (Beauty salon) which keeps her name (Ciljeta, Ciljeta). Her favorite place to spend her holidays is in (Dhermi and Saranda). She has participated in many Festivals in Albania such as (Kenga Magjike, Topfest and Show fest) and she was awarded. In the mean time she participates in political rallies with the democratic parties.

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