UFO in Albania for the first time photo taken by two young boys

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Untitled-1We were on  holidays in “shkami Kavajes”, in central Albania and while we were making photos from the little mountain we were hanging we saw a kind of a weird plane from fare and we didn’t want to miss it out, so i started making photos at the weird plane, that at first i thought it was a military one.

But when i washed up the film i saw i didn’t make photos to a real plane but to a unidentified flying object that those kind of unidentified flying object in other words are called UFO-s. This were the words of two young boys that were invited at the “Pasdite ne Top Channel”, show.

They can’t really describe in correct words the presence of the black flying dot that was flying right next to a normal plane. It had a weird shine all round the disc and this shine was all around a black dot.

At first we didn’t really recognize anything we just thought it was a small plane but closer it came weirder it looked till my friend started making photos to it, it was a scary but at same time a beautiful feeling. We are happy that we are the first ones in Albania that have made photos to a UFO.

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