Mass stabbing in Brooklyn, 5 deaths including 4 children

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brooklyn-murderA person has been taken into custody for the deaths of 4 children along with a 37- year-old woman which were stabbed in a Brooklyn residence, have said the New York City police asked by the journalists.

Early this week the NYPD also spoke about what happen and after their version, during Sunday NYPD, officers arrived at the crime scene and they found 5 victims unconscious and unresponsive. Two girls between ages 7 and 9, along with a one years old boy were pronounced dead in the Brooklyn residence by the emergency respondents.

The 37 – years-old woman and a 5 yearsold boy were found alive but in bad health condition and were quick taken by the emergency respondents to the Brooklyn hospitals but when they arrived at the hospital were pronounced dead by the doctors.

The NYPD still has not release the victims names. According to the Fire Department spoksman Jim Long he said that the emergency workers responded before 11 p.m. During Saturday a stabbed person called 911 and said someone stabbed all 5 of them at the residence in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

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