Altuna Sejdiu, “Tuna” a short biography

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Altuna sejdiu was born in Skopje Macedonia on 14/07/1985. She is one of the most famous singers in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. She started her career since 15 years old. With her rhythmic song she becomes very quickly famous in Kosovo, Albania and of course Macedonia. Altuna participated at the festival of 2002 (Nota Fest) presenting her song titled (Macho man) and she won her first award.

Altuna is the girl of the famous football player Shaban Sejdiu. In 4 april 2010 Altuna celebrated her marriage with Rilind Leken. Rilind is the son of the ambassador of Macedonia, in the mission on Brussels. She is liked by a large number of people in Albanian territories and has participated in a couple of concerts around the country.

Altuna SejdiuIn 2007 she participated at the (Top fest) festival and her performance was excellent, with her song titled (Bileta) which it became a hit for a couple of months. In 2008 she made another song titled (Inati) which it look like Altuna had a message   for someone that she used hate and she passed through the song.

Then the next year she came along with other songs also successful ones, but the most successful one was the hit song along with (GETI and Meda) titled (Diten ta bej Nate).. For Altuna the presence in the most viewed TV shows is like her second home, during years she has been present either a a guest or a presenter her self.

TunaaaIn 2010 Altuna made a new hit song along with a video clip titled (Pse jo) and some months later she launched her next new single song (Vazhdoj) then she came with another collaboration with (2po2 and Dafina zeqiri) which also it was a hit song. Altuna in 2011 participated in the TV show (E diell) in Top channel which she presents her new song titled (Dyshemeja) then she came again with another new song titled (Ti nuk je Une).

In the presence days for Tuna success is on her side, during the year 2013 she launched 2 new songs and broke a record in You Tube which she became the most viewed Albanian singer. During the same year in a collaboration with the rapper from Kosovo Cozman they brought their new song titled Fenix which broked all music markets records and a big number of views in You Tube.

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