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It is not easy to be a parent, especially when you have to discipline your children. Even the more loving parents happen to be nervous in some cases and giving their children a good punishment. The situation can be even more difficult when you are a lonely parent or

Nuts And Hazelnuts Enlarge Your Life!

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You will be better to forget the multivitamins pills or health drinks. The secret to live more and healthier can be found on a nuts, hazelnuts or peanuts plate. The latest researchers showed that the persons who regularly consume nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts etc. live more than the persons who

6 Cars made by the Japanese Not To Look Forward To.

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Development doesn’t generally work out to improve things.  This week, Automotive News discharged a progression of articles portraying its vision for the five-year item pipeline of Japan’s Big Three automakers (Honda, Toyota, and Nissan). It’s an arrangement of bits of gossip and actualities that endeavors to paint a photo

Initially Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi requests support from the Netherlands

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The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Bert Koenders, with whom he talked about the improvements in Kosovo and the locale and also chances to further extend participation

Danger coming back from from extremism, Sewall: Thanking Albania, for organizing regional summit

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Sarah Sewall, Deputy Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights, declared in an interview for Albanian Journalists concerning the importance that has going against terrorism and extremism. She additionally gave the views of America concerning the risks that come back from those that have joined ISIS

Mineral Water, Which To Choose?

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Water is one of the most important elements that nature gave to us for our health. But what kind of water do we have to buy? The market proposes are a lot and it is usually difficult to make the difference between the information if you aren’t an expert.


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Spring is the big season of the plants. It is the moment when you see lots of flowers and plants flourishing. It’s the time when you can enjoy their perfume and their beauty, but it is also the moment when we can plant new flowers which with their colors


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After Crimea it is the Moldova’s turn? It apparently looks like the domino effect, the phenomenon that the analysts were most afraid for. At the same day when the local leaders of Crimea and the president Putin agreed about making the Black sea peninsula part of Russian Federation, there

The Star Which Is One Thousand Times Larger Then The Sun!

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At the Centaur Stellar there is a yellow little star which cannot be seen by the eyes. But the view lies, and in reality, the light comes from 12 thousand years of light away from us, and it is a big star, which is thought to be one thousand


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The world eyes are turned from Kiev after the recently sensational developments in Ukraine, especially in the region of Crimea. There lots of persons who think that we will soon see the beginning of the war between these 2 countries. Those are not just some assumptions, the signs are