Mineral Water, Which To Choose?

mineral-waterWater is one of the most important elements that nature gave to us for our wealthy, form and our health. But what kind of water do we have to buy? The market proposes are a lot and it is usually difficult to make the difference between the information if you aren’t an expert.

So we invite you to read so we invite you to understand more about this issue. Be careful about the mineral water and its origin. The main change between the water types are also the dry reserve which is classified into these categories: strong mineral water 1500 mg/l, average mineral water more than 500 mg/l and less or equal with 1500 mg/l, oligomineral water more than 50 and less or equal to 500 mg/l  and the lesser mineral water little ore equal to 50 mg/l.

Another change comes from having or not some bubbles which can be natural or gassed. But what is the dry reserve and why is it very important on selecting the water? We are talking about the dry side which remain in a litter of water.

Higher the dryness more mineralized is the container. So the persons who need more minerals, sportists, youth and the oldest persons need to eliminate the toxins and fight the problems of contained minerals. Another important thing you have to take into consideration when you choose the water is the place it is produced to. Reading what it is written there, you can find the place. Does the water held chemical substances?

Yes, you can find chemical substances which don’t have to pass the limit on its content. There are find some chemical substances which pass the limit.We can mention nitrits, nitrats and arsenic. According to the law it is only allowed 50mg/l nitrit and  has also 0.02 mg/l of  nitrate, while the arsenic container is a little bit more important. We also have to mention the fluorides which damage the teeth children.

Meanwhile, the natural or mineral water is better if it is served by glass in place of plastic cover and we have to remember that it will be good to use glass water. We can also find CO2 in those kinds of water, which are served by plastic bottles. Be careful by the ambalage triage.

It will be good to use the glass bottle than the plastic bottles. According to the studies, the plastic bottles can give CO2 spread in the water you drink after using it for a while. If you want to change the water quality, than drink it for a few times in a plastic bottle.


spring-flowersSpring is the big season of the plants. It is the moment when you see lots of flowers and plants flourishing. It’s the time when you can enjoy their perfume and their beauty, but it is also the moment when we can plant new flowers which with their colors will make our garden look amazing. So lets find out what we need to learn about flowers.

When should we plant those?

Spring begins in March 21, but this doesn’t mean that you may plant all the types of flowers in this moment. May be it is true that spring has come in some cities of the country, but in other the winter is still there and doesn’t have any hurry to go away. Some flowers as, roses, may be plant in flower- vases initially and then, removed from there, but others, as nymphomania, need high temperatures to plant.

Which are the types of flowers you can plant on spring. The characteristics.

The three colors violets are resistant flowers and you can plant them on a vase or in your garden. If you choose to plant them in your garden, they will flourish until the summer comes. You can plant columbine, blood flower, agulitche etc, which are cold resistant. You can buy those plants as seems and put it on a vase or in your garden and after a few days they will grow up.

What type of flowers to plant on spring? How to proceed.

The spring beginning is also the moment when you will need to decide what kind of flowers you want to see and feel at your garden. The flowers which have seems, are easy to plant. You can initially put them on a vase and when the temperatures get higher, you can plant them on the garden and see them growing up and flourishing. Read More…


moldovaAfter Crimea it is the Moldova’s turn? It apparently looks like the domino effect, the phenomenon that the analysts were most afraid for. At the same day when the local leaders of Crimea and the president Putin agreed about making the Black sea peninsula part of Russian Federation, there comes from Moldova, a request  from the Trans – Dniester region, which took the example of Crimea and asked for joining Russia, the eastern region of Moldova , near to Crimea, has the major part of its residents Russian speakers and it is internationally known as an autonomy region but with central govern from Moldova.

In 1991-1992, after the Soviet Collapse this region distracted from Moldova. The Moldova’s President declared on Tuesday that every decision of Moscow to accept the Trans- Dniester region request, will be a wrong movement. In 2006, in an unknown and unaccepted by the international community and Moldova, the region repeated the request for being independent.

It has been declared by Irina Kubanskikh for the news agency, Itar – Tass, that this region has addressed a request to Moscow, for studying the possibility to enlarge the legislation which includes Crimea in to Russian Federation.

The Vedomosti journal writes that the situation may get worse even in this part of Moldova, if this one decides to firm a collaboration agreement with EU, as the Moldova’s leaders intend to do.

The Star Which Is One Thousand Times Larger Then The Sun!

star-sunAt the Centaur Stellar there is a yellow little star which cannot be seen by the eyes. But the view lies, and in reality, the light comes from 12 thousand years of light away from us, and it is a big star, which is thought to be one thousand bigger than the Sun. This survey is made by an International group of astronomers lead by Oliver Chesneau from Costa Azzurra Observator in France.

They studied for days and days this Star through the VLT telescope (Very Large Telescope), located in Chilean Andes. This star is called HR5171 A and it is one of the rarest hipper- giant stars, which are part of our galaxy.

According to the astronomers, this is a record star, included in the top ten list of the largest stars ever discovered. But HR 5171 A has other surprises, too. According to the “Astronomy and Astrophysics” articles, this star is in a very delicate phase of its existence. Powerful eruption will affect the light that comes from it. It is very important for the Astronomy science to survey what happens with this star.


ukraine-crimeaThe world eyes are turned from Kiev after the recently sensational developments in Ukraine, especially in the region of Crimea. There lots of persons who think that we will soon see the beginning of the war between these 2 countries. Those are not just some assumptions, the signs are not missing. Armed persons raised Russian flags on government buildings declaring that “Crimea is Russia”.

Separatist groups of the two sides clashed into Semfaropol streets. It has been reported on Friday the receiving the two largest airports of the Peninsula. The situation is dangerous and here arises a logical question: Will be Crimea the future conflict of Europe?” Russia has been the absolute dominant force of Crimea for around 200 years, since 1783, but in 1954 it was given to Ukraine, which in those times was part of Soviet Union.

Lots of ethnic Russian thought that this was a big mistake. The residents of Crimea have always been skeptic about the Kiev government but, recently they have showed an open aggressiveness toward new Ukrainian authorities, which were considered illegal by the Crimea’s Russian. The Russian federation has not done something to stop this dangerous dynamic, but It seems like it is stimulating them to continue, doing some declarations as that what happened in Ukraine was a coup d’etat, or if they want, they can be reintegrate in Russia, if the residents want something like this.  Read More…


koreaaaThe regime enemies children, in a country as North Korea, where misses the food, are only some others that need to eat. After their parents conduction, for different reasons, even ridiculous, some of the children are given as food for dogs, which are more valuated than a human being life, or they just are buried alive. This is the tragic story that Ahn Myong-Chol, told us, after fleeing from her country, in 1994.

“ I remember that once upon a time, 5 children were given to 3 boisterous dogs, who ate three of them within a few minutes, while the other two children were severely injured, but had not yet dead, when they were buried by the wardens”- says the 45-years old for a documentary transmitted by “Agense France Presse”.  In a country where human being live doesn’t have any value, there were the dogs which gained a good reward for their good job, giving them their preferable food.

koreaa1This confession comes one week after a Conference in Geneva, unmasked incredible crimes that are occurring for long times in the most isolated country in the world, and recommended an international arrest for Kim Jong, the dictator of this country. There are more than 120000 prisoners and hundred and thousand of internees, in this country with a 24 million population.

Life in this country, even in freedom, is very difficult, they suffer for food, clothes and medicament’s, while the prisoners don’t eat. They are feed with insects, mice and whatever they can find. Many prisoners die by starvation and maltreatment. According to another evidence, children are forced to be spectators during the inhumane executions of prisoners in camps.


Instagram is a free application for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android which allows to apply some filters on your photos and then sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. It is a very divergent application and everybody likes it. This is the reason why we will tell you, how to use it. Instagram is not used in smartphones with Windows system.

Download Instagram Application from iTunes or from your App Store in your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or from Play store in your Android Smart phone.

  • You may find this application activating App Store and searching for “Istagram”. It can be downloaded for free.

Activate Instagram clicking the icon on your mobile screen.

instagram1Click the button “Sign up” or “Register” and write you email address, username, password and upload a photo, so you can create your account on Instagram.


  • You can also use your Facebook account to create a new account on Instagram, you just need to select your Username and your password.

You can choose to add your contacts and find your friends from your contact list, Facebook account, Twitter or just searching names or usernames.

  • You can add friends in every moment not only when you are creating your account. Click “Next” when you finish. Read More…


XHIHADISTET-shqiptarAlbania is going to change the Penal Code, considering the Albanian commitment to fight in Syria or other similar conflicts as a penal crime. This group of deputies is finishing the project-law. They propose the adoption of certain provisions that penalize Albanian citizens, which, without having a citizen or without being residents in the country where the conflict exists, and without being part of regular military formations, take part in armed conflicts. It is proposed a condemnation with over than 10 years for the persons who take part in this wars.

Albanian citizen who don’t have the citizen of one of the inter-fight parts in armed conflicts outside of Albanian territory, will be sentenced! This is the main content of propose which also, is approved by the International Security Partners. According to the current news, the reported facts about Albanian citizens who died or are still fighting in Syria, have the authorities and law-makers attention, who think that it is necessary to change the Penal Code related with this law.

The difference between Kosovo’s law-makers, who have approved a new law with 5 articles, which sanctions avoiding Kosovo’s citizen to take part in conflicts outside Kosovo’s territory, is that Albanian law-makers have thought to propose the addition of some provisions on the Penal Code of the Republic of Albania.

This phenomenon is been treated from International Law since the Second World War has finished, in 1949 in 4 Geneva’s Convents. Meanwhile, the UKO Convent, New York, 1990, against the mercenary recruits, use, financing and training has established new standards in modern mercenary definition and evaluative criteria for subjects which will be considered as mercenary in inside conflicts and not only.

Despite of this, Albania has 24 years that still didn’t assign this Convent. In this way, Albania is being attentive about the persons who take part in this conflicts, exposing in this way our country against difficult events and risks , Internationally. There are proposed penalties for the persons, organizations or religion and social ideologies, which attract these persons using financial seduction. Read More…


Every Friday Albanian spectators will be in front of their TV to watch Big Brother. There will be 19 persons who will live for 100 days in the most viewed house in Albania. The competitors will be from 20-35 years old. Students, employed or non employed from all over the world will be the protagonists of this reality show.

Unknown persons will be in front of cameras in every moment of the day and night, will live in this house for 100 days, competing for the big price. There won’t be tranquility during their stay at the most famous house in the country. Most of these persons live in Albania but there are many of them who come from Italy, Greece and also a Polish girl. They will need power to resist the difficulties, strategy, friendship, maybe even love.

“Even the spectator, watching this reality show finds solutions for their complicated situations, because life out of Big Brother has the same nature, with insufficient resources. Watching the solution models and the reaction in this reality show, the spectators try to find their problem solutions.”- says Edmond Dragoti.
In fact, there are lots of persons who made their dreams come true. We can mention Bjordi and Arjon.

Arjon Muca, BB2: Your life changes , or at least, my life has totally changed. Those things like a job interview, or daily problems, now are easier because people recognize you, and respect you. There are lots of advantages but you have to know how to manage Big Brother.

Bjordi, BB2: Today I do what I really love to do, my main passion, realization of video clips, scripts, directing. Big Brother helped me a lot, it opened my doors in this ambient, people know me, it also helped me to be more confident with the cameras, public, fantasy.

Arjon: if I could go back at time, I will fight to be one more time in Big Brother, because it gave me the possibility to do what I love the most.  Who will be the “residents”? Which will be their strategies? You will find it out every Friday, at 21:00 in Top Channel, in the direction of Arbana Osmani. You may follow the daily summary every day at 16:30 and Sunday at 10 o’clock. Sooner, every Saturday, at 17:40 you will be able to watch “Big Brother Fans Club” and for the persons who don’t want to lose nothing, you can watch them live 24 to 24 in Digitalb.


Everybody knows that Earth rotates around itself and around the Sun, but times ago, nobody thought that. Even more, nobody accepted this fact that’s because we cannot feel it, despite the fact that the linear speed is 350 m/s. The first time talked about the Earth rotation was in Ancient Greece, but this opinion wasn’t accepted. For centuries and centuries this idea has remained in silence. The one who accepted and supported this idea based on his theory was Nicholas Copernicus, the founder of heliocentric system (1543). Despite the fact that he supported this idea, he didn’t have facts to prove it. The most convincing evidence was given by French physicist L. Fuko (1851), using a pendulum. It is known that the pendulum retains its shaking plan, so using the centrifugal we rotate the pendulum. We will see that it continues to shake in the same plan.

Fuko founded that the pendulum shaking plan has been rotated depending on Earth surface, which proves that Earth rotates based on the pendulum shaking plan. If you are on poles, this rotating period lasts one day and night, but going toward the Equator, the period lasts more. Another fact which proves the Earth rotation is the avoidance from the vertical of the objects that are falling. There are lots of sample proves that you have learned on geography. The portrayed axis around which it is thought that the Earth rotates is called Earth Axis. It spikes Earth in two points, which are the Earth poles. Today these poles are in Frozen Ocean (Nord Pole) and the other one, in Antarctica ( South Pole).

The rotation period of Earth lasts one day (one day and night). It rotates from West to East. The sky looks like a middle sphere which surrounds the Earth. It easy understood that it does exists another half, so the sky seems like a sphere, that means that the stars seems like have the same distance. This comes from the fact that we cannot understand which star is nearer. Even for the Sun and the Moon we think that they are in the same sky, despite the fact that we know they are nearer the stars. But which is nearer, the Sun or the Moon? How could you understand this? Do you have any sign? Even the clouds are in the same sky as Sun or Moon, but we understand that those are nearer.

If we see the sky at night we see so many stars putted there without any rule. There are not too much stars seen with free eyes. In a night without Moon we can see with our eyes 2500-3000 stars, pretending that this is the number of the stars seen in the other half of sky, we can say that there are not more than 6000 stars seen with eyes. The stars doesn’t look the same, some of them bright too much, some no. Those look like little white, red, azure and yellow lights. You have to know also, that stars may not look the same if you see it next night. Read More…